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What Causes Chronic Constipation?

Chronic constipation refers to the inconsistency or infrequency of bowel movements, typically spanning over a few weeks.

Chronic constipation is experienced differently by those affected so there is not one solid definition of how the condition will feel in your body. However, a patient is typically diagnosed with chronic constipation when passing less than three stools per week for at least three months.

Chronic constipation might be caused by a number of factors, many of which are within your control and ability to change.

Lifestyle and diet

Lifestyle and diet are the most common causes of chronic constipation. Eating foods your body cannot tolerate and/or failing to move in order to get your metabolism working are sure ways to stimulate inactivity in the gut.

Here are some diet and lifestyle factors that cause chronic constipation?

  • lack of exercisea young caucasian man using his smartphone in the toilet while sitting in the bowl, with a roll of paper placed in a toilet paper holder in the foreground
  • failing to use the bathroom when it is needed
  • meat and dairy products
  • lack of fiber
  • processed food
  • lack of sufficient water
  • too much alcohol
  • too much caffeine

If you are experiencing chronic constipation, try changing a couple of the factors above, such as waking up to a morning walk instead of several cups of coffee.

Medical conditions

Certain long-term medical conditions can cause metabolism to halt, such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, IBS or Parkinson’s. These conditions might be accompanied by hair loss, fatigue, vision issues, weight change or fatigue, too.

Anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression both play a role in the functionality of your metabolism. Anxiety puts the body is flight or fight mode, increasing adrenaline and reducing the energy put toward basic bodily functions, including digestion and excretion. Depression weakens metabolism by welcoming the tendency to stay in bed and remain inactive throughout most of the day.


Certain medications can cause chronic constipation. Check with your doctor to see if chronic constipation is a side effect of any prescriptions you are taking. Common medications with the tendency of chronic constipation include iron supplements, calcium supplements, antidepressants, painkillers, diuretics and more.

How to remedy chronic constipation

Depending on the cause of your chronic constipation, there might be an easy way to solve the problem. Below are some home remedies you can try before seeking medical help.

Drink more water

This is the oldest remedy in the book and one of the most annoying to hear, but it’s foolproof. The human body is mostly water; it needs water to work; most of us do not drink enough. Add an additional cup of water per meal, drink a glass before and after sleep and add a water bottle to each day.

Take fiber

You can increase your fiber intake naturally from foods containing high amounts of fiber or from fiber supplements. If you increase fiber intake, increase water intake to help the fiber become the most effective.


Mediate, slow down, read, get involved in an activity that takes your mind away from your tasks, to-do lists, and preoccupations. Mediation and other calming activities reduce stress and anxiety, allowing the body to get back on track with regular functioning.

Try probiotics

Probiotics clean the gut out, prepping the system for optimal functionality.

It is important to remember that whenever a body part is acting up, your body is trying to get your attention. If your gut is not behaving, it might be slowing metabolism to get your attention to let you know it cannot tolerate dairy. Sometimes solutions are this simple, and other times they’ll need significant medical attention. Either way, tuning in is your first step to confronting and revealing an underlying issue and getting to work on smoothing it over.

To learn more about chronic constipation and some of the ways to overcome the condition, reach out to AMP Floracel, and be sure to check out our online store for supplements that will get you back on track toward your healthiest life.

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