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Plant-Base Dietary Tips for Ulcerative Colitis Patients

Ulcerative colitis, otherwise known as UC, is an inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation in the digestive tract. Similar to Crohn’s disease, this digestive disorder only affects the colon. Patients who have ulcerative colitis tend to develop tiny sores, or ulcers, that generate mucous in the digestive tract that lead to nutrient deficiencies in the colon.

Approximately, 200,000 to 3 million people suffer from ulcerative colitis symptoms within the United States. Those that have been diagnosed endure abdominal pain, fever, bloody stools, weight loss and chronic fatigue. Medication is typically prescribed to alleviate these symptoms; however, another way to reduce these symptoms is to reevaluate your diet.

Diets that consist of dairy, meat, cheese, eggs, refined foods, fast foods, processed foods and foods that contain potential allergens should be avoided. These foods are considered to be irritating and inflammatory. Though some animal-based foods are okay to consume, it is recommended that you accustom yourself to a plant-based diet. This type of diet may help alleviate your symptoms and will also encourage you to eat healthy.

At A.M.P. Floracel®, we believe that the best way to combat ulcerative colitis is by choosing a natural alternative to commonly prescribed medication. We have come up with five plant-base dietary tips to help keep your gut healthy and happy!

1. Fill Up on Iron

One of the repercussions of nutrient deficiency is the risk of developing anemia. Anemia can be prevented including iron-rich foods into your plant-based diet. Some iron-rich foods to include in your diet are spinach, artichokes, raisins and kale.

2. Restrict Your Fat Intake with Each Meal

Limiting how much fat you consume at each meal is important for nutrient absorption. Too much fat consumption can lead to multiple and frequent trips to the restroom. We recommend that you ingest a couple teaspoons, at most, or find a tolerable level that works for you.

3. Stay Hydrated

Many individuals who have ulcerative colitis are not able to digest whole meals, so they resort to smoothies and protein shakes. What they don’t know is that by only consuming these liquids they are dehydrating themselves. Dehydration can cause fatigue and further nutrient loss. It’s important for patients to consume water and nutrient-dense smoothies. If you prefer smoothies, make sure to only blend soft fruits.

4. Try Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are great for the digestive tract! They provide nutrients such as magnesium, potassium and vitamin C, to help heal and restore the gut. Some examples of this type of fermented foods are coconut yogurt and kimchi.

5. Discover Your Fiber Tolerance

Since a plant-base diet is full of fiber, it may be difficult for those who suffer from ulcerative colitis symptoms to find the perfect fiber level for them. We recommend in order to discover your fiber tolerance level that you peel all your fruits and vegetables, cook vegetables before eating them, eat more soup and consume lower fiber grains.

Founded in 1996, A.M.P. Floracel® may be able to provide you with an alternative, natural way to relieve the discomfort presented by ulcerative colitis. This natural supplement may support those suffering from digestive conditions like Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, diabetes and more. Contact us today to place an order or for more information!

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