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Is Aloe Vera Good for Your Hair?

Thankfully for all of us, the cactus-like aloe vera plant is becoming widespread in its popularity for its many uses.

Aloe vera is a nutrient dense plant that contains a gel-like substance (aloe vera gel) which is beneficial for many parts of the body. Is aloe vera good for your hair? You bet it is.

You might have heard of the primary protein of hair, keratin. Keratin is loaded with amino acids, carbon, oxygen, sulfur, hydrogen, and oxygen that keep the hair healthy and strong. Aloe contains a chemical that is similar to keratin, which is why using it on the follicles or scalp is so nourishing.

5 Ways Aloe Benefits Hair:

Hair growth

Aloe vera juice, gel, moisturising cream, soap and powder powder

Aloe vera contains certain enzymes – proteolytic enzymes – that help to repair some of the dead skill cells on the scalp. Aloe’s vitamin content (A, C and E) contribute to cell growth for hair follicles. Aloe can increase blood circulation to applied areas, including the scalp.

Prevent balding

If your hair is thinning or you are balding, aloe can be a great natural remedy to slow, halt and even reverse the process. The plant’s content of vitamin B-12 and folic acid also naturally work to keep hair intact and growing healthily from the scalp. If you are prone to losing hair, try working aloe into your hair care routine.

Deep clean

People with oily hair often resort to potent chemical products to strip their hair follicles of excess oil or other hair product residue. Aloe vera provides a safer and gentler solution to cleaning oily hair. Use the gel like you would use a regular shampoo to clean off oily strands without stripping the hair of its natural ingredients and properties.

Hair conditioner

Aloe soothes your hair, leaving it shiny and super smooth. Aloe’s keratin-like chemical restores hair, increasing elasticity and acting as a barrier to breakage. This also boosts the conditioning of hair into healthy, photo-worthy locks.

Scalp care

Woman is rubbing aloe vera into her scalp

Rub aloe direction on the scalp to reduce itchiness or dandruff, thanks to aloe’s proteolytic enzymes that aid in repairing dead skin cells. Aloe vera also contains fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties that have been shown to combat the inflamed scalp and cause of dandruff or itchiness.

Hair repair

Another protein you’ve likely heard of is collagen, one that is infamous for aiding the beauty and strength of skin, nails, and hair. Aloe contains a high amount of collagen, so it can restore damage to hair from the sun, cold or arid climates. Think of benefits aloe has on the skin – all of these apply to the hair, too! Aloe is jam-packed with vitamins A, C, and E which stimulate cell growth.

How do I use aloe on my hair?

Inside on the sharp-leafed plant, a gooey gel-like substance sits awaiting a messy extraction. This raw gel is the purest, best form of aloe vera to use on your scalp. If you are not growing aloe vera at your house, you can still find the gel substance in supplement form.

Take the gel between the thumb and first fingers to smooth its consistency. Then apply the gel directly to your hair follicles and scalp. You can let the gel sit for about an hour before you rinse your scalp clean.

If you do not have a plant growing at home, no worries! Aloe supplements and products deliver the same nutrients to your system to keep your hair healthy, growing and looking beautiful. Learn more about the benefits of aloe vera with AMP Floracel and browse our products, today!


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