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How to Reduce Bloating

Bloating is a condition where our stomach gets swollen after excessive eating. This usually happens due to the excessive gas pressure in the stomach that may cause disturbances in the muscular movement of the digestive system. It causes pain and makes one feel like their stomach is bigger and full of abdominal pressure.

Simply, bloating means that you have stored an excessive amount of liquids, which creates pressure in your stomach. Bloating is often accompanied by abdominal pain, gurgles, and excessive gas. Sometimes, an acute stomach pain with irritation occurs. For some people, this is a common occurrence but it can turn into a serious medical condition if not properly treated. Fortunately, it has been recently discovered that the consumption of Aloe Vera for IBS helps in treating the condition.

What Is Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant that’s known for its medical properties. It’s a common ingredient in skincare while taking it orally may be beneficial for the digestive system. Traditionally, it’s extracted in the form of gel from the leaves that are commonly used to treat skin conditions as a powerful moisturizing and anti-inflammatory agent.

Using Aloe Vera for IBS

Taking Aloe Vera for IBS orally appears to be a good choice to treat its symptoms. It contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that reduce gastrointestinal symptoms and help relieve the pain. IBS in patients is often linked to the increased intake of fiber due to their general lifestyle or the foods that trigger the digestive system’s reaction.

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has various health benefits, as it is supplied directly from the fresh leaves of the plant and can be consumed orally. It consists of 20 different nutrients such as enzymes, minerals, and vitamins that promote the better functioning of the body’s internal system and fix it as needed.

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It Boosts Metabolism

Aside from being one of the best herbs for bloating management, Aloe Vera could boost metabolism and promote weight loss as well. It decreases the body’s calorie storage and prevents the accumulation of fat in several parts of the body.

The Plant Is Rich in Nutrients

Besides its anti-inflammatory medical properties, Aloe Vera juice is full of nutrients. The plant contains vitamin B for brain health, vitamin C for keeping the immune system strong, vitamin E for avoiding cancer, folic acid to reduce heart condition and stroke, to name a few.

Aloe Vera Normalizes Blood Sugar Levels

Among the natural supplements, Aloe Vera has shown great improvement in blood sugar levels. That said, consuming it orally could reduce sugar levels and improve the body’s ability to produce more insulin. Improving the blood sugar consequently minimizes food cravings and eating in large portions, which then reduces IBS symptoms, making Aloe Vera one of the best supplements to help with bloating, too.

It Relieves IBS Symptoms

Using herbs for bloating relief is a common practice among people who prefer natural treatments. As such, Aloe Vera showed effectiveness when it comes to managing and relieving the symptoms of IBS. It treats pain, bloating, and ulcerative colitis. Aloe Vera juice helps in reducing the irritation of the tract. Essentially, the plant’s antibacterial properties can eliminate the unwanted bacteria and yeast in the gut, which cause gases and discomfort in the digestive system in the first place. What’s more, thanks to its detoxifying abilities, as one of the best supplements to help with bloating, Aloe Vera also improves bowel regularity.

The Plant Is Generally Good for the Digestive System

If you’ve been wondering what to drink for bloated stomach and other potential issues with the digestive system, try to incorporate Aloe Vera juice into your diet. It balances the fluids in your gut and keeps the gut bacteria strong and balanced. High fiber consumption with water that rushed into the stomach can cause aches and irritation as well as bloating and constipation. Drinking Aloe Vera juice in this case, for example, has a good chance to manage the issue, improves food digestion, and keeps the gut happy and calm.

Other Ways to Reduce Bloating

Eat Less and Slow

It’s always good to know what to drink for bloated stomach, but sometimes, the whole issue lies in you simply eating too much. By eating big meals constantly, it may seem like you have chronic IBS and make you feel discomfort and pressure in the abdomen. Try to eat smaller portions slowly for a start. Chewing food properly is beneficial for the digestive system and this change alone may prove that you don’t actually need any supplements to help with bloating.

Avoid Problematic Foods and Drinks

Sometimes our digestive system may fill with air due to the intake of carbonated soda drinks, which create bubbles and gas in the stomach. Aside from soda, there are also some foods such as beans and lentils that produce gases. Fatty foods also slow down the digestive process and create a bloating environment. The bacteria present in the stomach can produce gases due to an imbalanced diet as well.

Check for the Constipation Issues

Constipation is a rather common digestive problem these days. Oftentimes, it is the result of bloating due to the increased intake of insoluble fiber. If you’ve been thinking – what can I drink for bloating and constipation? – plenty of water together with Aloe Vera juice is recommended as an effective way to relieve this condition. Some research has proven that the intake of fibers can make the bloating condition worse and even intolerable.

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Follow a Low FODMAP Diet

IBS is considered to be one of the worst medical conditions as 15% of people affected remain undiagnosed. The studies have shown that indigestible carbs may be the main reason for IBS symptoms. The low FODMAP diet together with herbs for bloating is often recommended to patients with IBS symptoms. This basically means minimizing or completely ditching the high FODMAP foods such as cabbage, broccoli, garlic, apples, beans, watermelon, etc. from one’s diet.

Avoid Sugar-Free Products

What can I drink for bloating, you may ask? Well, if you want to feel bloated then go ahead and drink (or eat) sugar-free products in a large amount. These days, we are all interested in managing our weight, which is often the main reason why we tend to go for sugar-free products. However, sugar substitutes have been linked to higher gas production in the large intestine in some people. If you’ve been experiencing IBS symptoms without being able to understand why it might be time to check just how many sugar-free products you consume on a regular basis.

Start Exercising Regularly

Before you ask yourself what can I drink for bloating, you might be better off addressing your overall physical activity. A sedentary lifestyle can easily lead to bloating and other IBS symptoms. On the other hand, exercising regularly can effectively prevent irritable bowels and make you fit as an added bonus. Yoga, swimming, brisk walking, and exercising, in general, can cure constipation and ensure healthy bowel movement if you make it a point to engage in the said activities regularly.  

In case you’re looking for what to drink for bloated stomach and manage the IBS symptoms naturally, it is our pleasure to present our A.M.P. Floracel Aloe Vera products. Thanks to the Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharide (AMP) molecule that our products contain, your body will be able to maximize the absorption and efficiency of Aloe Vera’s health benefits. A.M.P. Floracel’s supplements are all-natural and non-toxic and provide an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory solution when it comes to boosting your immune system overall and bringing balance to the digestive system. As AMP absorbs in your intestines and flows through your bloodstream, the damaging processes in your digestive tract begin to normalize while your bones, muscles, and organs start absorbing nutrients properly once again. The inflamed areas get coated and protected, allowing for a relief process to take place in your gut flora. In case you have some questions about Aloe Vera and ways it can help you, feel free to reach out to us at A.M.P. Floracel.

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