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Common stomach problems

Common Stomach Problems That May Signal Serious Health Issues

Experiencing stomach discomfort is common and can be totally normal after a big meal, but it might also be your belly telling you there’s something serious going on inside that needs your attention and outside consultation.

The digestive tract is arguably one of, if not the most, important system in the body. It regulates metabolism, gives the body nutrients and energy, keeps the mind feeling happy and motivated and so much more.

If your belly is acting up, don’t ignore it!

Some of the most common stomach problems can be indicative of serious concerns. If you experience any of the symptoms listed below, be sure to reach out to a health professional, immediately. In the case of severe reactions, seek emergency medical help.

Common Stomach Problems that May Signal Serious Health Issues

Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain could occur in the formation of gas, or it could be the body signaling impending appendicitis or seriously gallbladder problems.

Bloating and Gasimage of woman clutching her stomach as she experiences abdominal Bloating and Gas

Bloating and gas can be non-problematic symptoms of your body’s digestion, but they could also be early signs of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). If you frequently experience bloating and gas, it’s a good idea to have a doctor review your medical history and current symptoms. Whether or not you have IBS, it will be a good idea to adopt a diet which limits negative digestive reactions.


Constipation could be a sign of dehydration, as there might not be enough water in the body to push food through the digestive tract. It could also indicate a thyroid issues, IBS, medications intolerances or an injury to the colon’s lining.


Diarrhea should never be ignored, even if you can chalk it up to something you ate. Diarrhea can quickly lead to life-threatening dehydration. Seek immediate medical attention if you are experiencing diarrhea with a fever above 102 degrees, severe abdominal pain, vomiting, loose stools for over two consecutive days, severe rectum pain, or more than six stools in 24 hours.


Image of woman experiencing heart burn. Heartburn can manifest as a burning sensation in the chest or the throat. Heartburn is caused by stomach acid that gets clogged at the throat. You might have experienced heartburn from eating too fast; this happens because as food moves too quickly from your mouth through your esophagus and into your stomach, it is easy for stomach acid to build up. If you experience unexplained heartburn, you should call your doctor or seek emergency medical attention.

Other Alarming Signs and Symptoms

If you experience any of the digestive symptoms listed above with ulcers, depression, no appetite, vomiting, Crohn’s disease or celiac disease, it is best to consult your doctor or an emergency medical professional.

Comfortable digestion is not only important for enjoying everyday life, it’s essential for overall health and function.

If you are or have experienced any of the symptoms listed above, there’s no reason to whip yourself into a panic, but you should tilt a serious ear toward to alarms of aggravation. Pay attention to the reactions of your belly, make special notes about pain and track what times of the day or after consuming which types of foods these symptoms are most intense.

At AMP Floracel, we have a number of supplements that can help ensure the fluid functioning of your digestive system. Keep your stomach happy by browsing our online store and selecting the products that are best for your systems. For questions or concerns about supplements, reach out to our friendly team at AMP Floracel.

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