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Thyroiditis: Boosting Thyroid Health With Aloe

Thyroiditis develops when there is inflammation in the thyroid gland. It is an autoimmune condition, as the immune system attacks the thyroid gland and raises or lowers the thyroid hormone levels in the blood. 

The plant can offer various health benefits, such as reducing inflammation, supporting wound healing, and improving blood flow.

Let’s discuss the thyroid gland and how you can use aloe vera for autoimmune diseases, including thyroiditis. We’ll also explore the benefits of taking our aloe vera pills, powder, and some precautions you should consider. 

Types of Thyroiditis

There are different types of thyroiditis that doctors can diagnose, including:

  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis: develops when the immune system attacks and damages the thyroid gland that cannot produce enough thyroid hormones. As a result, this leads to hypothyroidism, and symptoms that come with it include tiredness, weight gain, and dry skin. It may require thyroid hormone replacement treatment.
  • De Quervain’s (subacute) thyroiditis: Occurs when the thyroid gland gets swollen when the patient contracts a viral infection, such as mumps or flu. It is common in those who are aged 20 to 50. It can cause high temperature, neck, jaw, or ear pain, but when there are high thyroid hormone levels in the blood, nervousness, anxiety, mood swings, and muscle weakness can develop. 
  • Postpartum thyroiditis: It can affect women who have just given birth, and it is common in those with type 1 diabetes or a history of postpartum thyroiditis. 
  • Silent (painless) thyroiditis: is similar to postpartum thyroiditis, but it can affect both men and women and has nothing to do with pregnancy or birth. It can cause high thyroid hormone levels, leading to low levels after some time. 
  • Drug-induced thyroiditis: This condition isn’t common, but it can affect patients who use amiodarone, interferons, lithium, and cytokines.

The sections below discuss some aloe vera benefits for thyroid health or other symptoms that come with the condition. 

Treating Thyroiditis

Doctors often prescribe medications to relieve and reduce pain in patients with hyper or hypothyroidism. 

However, we also recommend discussing the use of aloe products with your doctor, as they can also boost your thyroid health. 

For instance, a 2018 study explored the effects of aloe juice in people with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and found that it reduced thyroid peroxidase antibodies. The condition causes high levels of these antibodies as they reduce thyroid function.  

Aloe Vera Benefits For Thyroid Health 

Beauty Woman With Perfect Skin Holding Fresh Leaf of Aloe Vera.

What are the benefits of using aloe vera for thyroid health? What are the benefits of taking our aloe vera pills?

In addition to reducing thyroid antibodies in our body, the plant can also benefit other conditions that patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis may experience. 

Let’s explore some of them:

Gut Health

Many patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis have gut issues, and taking the aloe plant as a supplement can help balance the digestive system and reduce inflammation in the colon and small intestine. 

This condition causes a deficiency in digestive enzymes. 

However, it is rich in enzymes, such as alkaline phosphate, amylase, catalase, and cellulase, and these can help break down carbohydrates and fats that people get from food. 

You can also find saccharides or sugars which can absorb toxins and excess hormones. 

Furthermore, this type of thyroiditis is known to cause acid reflux. Many people lack stomach acid, and aloe’s natural alkaline properties can help balance the colon’s pH. 

Also, aloe vera’s alkaline properties may also be beneficial for people who have a high level of stomach acid, as they have a high risk of developing ulcers. 

In addition, one study reviewed the effects that the plant could have on gastroesophageal reflux disease compared with medications and found that it improved the participants’ symptoms. 

Stress and Adrenal Support

When you are stressed, you have a great chance of developing an autoimmune disorder, reducing your thyroid function, sleep quality, and blood sugar imbalances. 

The aloe plant can act as an adaptogen, as it can help the body adapt to physical and emotional stress. It works with the adrenal system to control the hormones that build the body’s resistance to stress, anxiety, and fatigue. 


Another reason to use aloe vera for autoimmune diseases is that the plant has antibacterial properties that prevent the colon’s fungus and bacteria from multiplying. 

It contains various antiseptic agents, including sulfur, salicylic acid, and phenols. These properties can work on bacteria, viruses, and fungi that may cause autoimmune conditions. 


The plant can relieve occasional constipation that many people may experience with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. 

It contains anthraquinones, which can act as a laxative as they improve muscle contractions in the intestines.

The coming section explores some of our online products and the benefits of taking our aloe vera pills and powder, among others. 

Using Aloe Vera Products

There are various products containing aloe vera for thyroid health, such as:

Capsules and powder

At A.M.P. Floracel, we offer Aloe Capsules that can strengthen the immune system. They cost $149. 

One bottle contains 270 pills and eight gallons of fresh aloe. 

Some of the benefits of taking our aloe vera pills include the following: 

  • They contain no preservatives or fillers. 
  • They are organic.
  • They can help reduce inflammation. 
  • They can increase the production of digestive enzymes. 

You can also buy two or six bottles at once to save money. 

We recommend taking three capsules with water in the morning, 30 minutes before eating or drinking. 


A.M.P. Floracel Aloe Powder Formula can also help strengthen your immune system. 

It is gluten-free and vegan-friendly, and it also contains eight gallons of the fresh plant. 

Bundles are also available for this powder formula, and the price of one product is $149.

Distilled Liquid 

Portrait of Young Female Woman Adult With Clean Pure Skin Taking Spa Smiling Relaxing in Bath With Aloe White Soap Shampoo Water.

If you’re considering taking aloe vera for thyroid function, there are liquid products distilled from aloe leaves that you can buy. 

We recommend choosing products that don’t contain any preservatives or additives and don’t leave an unpleasant taste. 

The below are some distilled aloe vera benefits that you may encounter:

  • It can calm stomach and gut issues, such as pain, inflammation, and discomfort.
  • It can relieve stress and nausea.
  • It is suitable for people with diabetes.
  • Reduces coughs
  • Improves hydration

Precautions When Using Aloe Vera

It is always best to confirm with a doctor if you can use aloe vera for autoimmune diseases, as it may not be safe for your condition.

It is known to reduce blood sugar levels, so you have to be extra careful if you are taking medications for diabetes to lower your blood glucose levels, as these can become dangerously low.

You should also avoid using aloe extracts if you’re pregnant, and pills may not be safe if you’re breastfeeding. 

Learn more about herbs and pregnancy here


Our products can be beneficial if you have thyroiditis, as they can help relieve inflammation, stress, and constipation, among other benefits. 

We, at A.M.P. Floracel, offer Aloe Vera products that contain the Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharide (AMP) molecule, which helps the ingredients produce immediate results.

AMP Floracel helps support and maintain a healthy immune system and digestive tract. Proper digestive function means prevention and healing

The items that you find on our website are all-natural and toxin-free, and they come with anti-inflammatory properties to boost your immune health and balance the digestive system. 

However, it helps to talk to your doctor before using aloe, as it may not be safe for everyone. You can also contact our team if you want to learn more about our products.

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