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How to Boost the Immune System Naturally

Our immune system is a vital resource in the body and one we treat with respect in order to help it keep us safe and functioning well. We tend not to notice the compromised functioning of our immune system until it’s not working, but by then, it’s too late for boosters.

A few daily or periodic regimes can build your immune system to its strongest capacity so that when infection does strike, your body has an adequately armed defense.

How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally:

Rest and Recovery

Activity is vital to metabolism, digestive health, and mental stability, but rest and recovery are just as important. After you workout, macrophages (germ-fight cells) decrease, which opens up the potential for infection. This is why recovery days are so important for athletes and anyone with a compromised immune system.

Avoid Stress

What a nice prescription, right? No stress. But chronic stress (from work, relationships, lifestyle, etc.) has a horrible effect on our immune system. The body responds to stress by releasing a hormone called cortisol, which interferes with T-cells, white blood cells that get signals from the body to deliver to the brain and immune system. Cortisol also lowers IgA, an antibody that lines the gut and respiratory tract to protect against pathogens. To improve IgA levels, try meditating for even 15 minutes a day.


Another lovely prescription for optimal health – sleep! If you aren’t sleeping sufficiently and well, T-cells (the white blood cells that deliver messages from the body) aren’t produced and consequently, we leave our bodies open and vulnerable to infection and disease without a working system to notify the brain and immune response of invasion.

Temperature Moderation

Staying warm is imperative to good health. When the body gets cold, especially in the extremities, there is increased risk of infection and developing ailments of the common cold. Cold temperatures lower our white blood cell count, which our immune system’s first line of defense. Keep a sweater on hand to throw on if you live in a cold climate or frequent places with central air.

Trust the Sun

Everything in moderation is key, and lucky for us, that includes the sun. Vitamin D positively impact our immune cells, and the natural sunlight delivers the best source of D. This essential vitamin wards against infection and autoimmune disease. If you find yourself chronically ill and down in cold, dark climates, it might be time to book a vacation or consider a long-term move.  

Head to the Sauna

Sweating is known for its powerful release of toxins. Saunas’ infrared rays enhance our white blood cells, which are pertinent to our defense against infection. Increased temperature in the body is also shown to limit the ability of viruses and bacteria to survive. Toxin release during sweat session in the sauna can decrease chances of the common cold, reduce inflammation and give the body a necessary cleansing flush.

These are only a few of the natural ways to keep your immune system strong and protecting you – tune into our blog monthly for more tips and tricks on natural remedies for healing.  

In addition to lifestyle changes and habits, you can also add immune system boosters to your diet to keep you healthy and thriving. AMP Floracel carries aloe products you need for a healthy immune system. Visit our online store to see what we have to improve your life, today.

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