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How Can You Help Your Body Absorb More Nutrients?

If you are having a difficult time with energy levels, hair loss, or other inexplicable health symptoms, the problem could stem from nutrient deficiency.

But, what if you eat a well-rounded, perfectly nutritious diet and still recognize some of the aforementioned problems and symptoms? The problem might not be the nutrient intake; it might be a reflection of your body’s inability to absorb the full range of nutritional content you are consuming. You can help your body out by practicing a few habits that improve nutrient absorption.

Let’s take a look at AMP Floracel’s top tips, to better understand the role of nutrition in your body.

Why is eating nutrients important?

Eating a nutrient-dense diet is essential to maintaining optimal health and bodily functions. Without adequate and proper nutrition intake, our bodies cannot perform as they are designed to, and we may start to experience symptoms such as fatigue.

Where are nutrients absorbed?

As we eat food, digestive enzymes rush to the scene to start breaking down the bigger, tangible, tastier pieces of food into small molecules that the body can use for energy and as a fuel to perform all of its necessary functions. The small intestines then carry the molecules downward until the blood absorbs them into the circulatory system, at which point they are transported to their respective destinations.

How to improve nutrient absorption?

There are many ways to improve your body’s nutrient absorption; AMP Floracel suggests following these habits to help your body:

  • Eat a balanced and well-rounded diet
  • Supplement your diet with aloe vera
  • Chew food thoroughly
  • Increase vitamin C intake
  • Improve good gut bacteria
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Reduce stress

Eat a balanced and well-rounded diet

Most parts of the body favor a different nutrient for optimal production, which is why eating a well-rounded diet is so essential for proper nutrient absorption.

  • Protein builds and sustains muscle
  • Vitamins and minerals maintain organ function (heart, brain liver, kidneys, thyroid)
  • Calcium gives bones strength

Supplement your diet with aloe vera

aloe vera juice

Aloe vera helps the absorption of nutrients by increasing the bioavailability of vitamins, especially vitamins C and B12. Aloe vera also soothes the digestive tract lining and increases good bacteria, soothing the digestive process, overall. Try aloe vera juice, gel or pill, and powder supplements.

Chew food thoroughly

The starting point for digestion is in the moment of your first bite. Help your digestive enzymes efficiently break down food into useful molecules by thoroughly chewing each piece of food.

Increase vitamin C intake

Vitamin C helps process the iron consumed through a plant-based diet, so pair vitamin C when eating iron-dense items.

Improve good gut bacteria

Try a probiotic or aloe vera supplement to keep your healthy gut flora flowing and help your digestive tract break down and transport everything passing through.

Avoid processed foods

Processed foods have extremely low nutritional content and typically stress the body with their high levels of sugar. Your body will thank you if you can avoid processed foods.

Reduce stress

Stress slows down your body’s digestion process, keeping you from the nutrients you need, and often leaving food sitting unattended to and undigested.

Implement AMP Floracel Aloe Vera Supplements into your diet

Are you suffering from inadequate nutrition even though you eat a healthy, balanced diet? If so, the problem is likely poor nutrient absorption. Try our aloe vera pills or powder supplements to increase your body’s capacity to absorb the nutrients you need to operate at your fullest potential.

Visit AMP Floracel today, and shop aloe vera supplements to start changing your life for the better.

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