Auto Immune Disease

100% All-Natural, Non-Toxic, No Side Effects
Immune System Balancing & Restoration
Anti-Oxidant & Anti-Viral Properties
Cell Regeneration
Absorbs & Assimilates Nutrients
Increase Blood Circulation
Blood Sugar Balancing
Normalizes an array of damaging processes in
       the digestive tract


Auto-Immune Diseases Disease

A.M.P. FLORACEL® is an all-natural, 100% organic supplement that has been successfully helping patients alleviate the symptoms associated with Auto-Immune Diseases all around the world Since 1996.

Auto Immune Diseases are conditions caused by an immune response against the body's own tissues. They develop when the immune system destroys normal body tissues. Sometimes the immune system will fail to recognize one or more of the body's normal materials as "self" and will create auto antibodies – (antibodies attack its own cells, tissues and organs.) This causes inflammation and damage and leads to many different Auto Immune Disorders.   A.M.P. FLORACEL® can greatly reduce the signs and symptoms of Auto-Immune Diseases and may bring about long-term remission. 

A.M.P. FLORACEL® is a unique supplement that is derived from the Aloe Vera plant. The main ingredient in our Superior Formula is called the Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharide Molecule which is the healing agent found in Aloe Vera.  A.M.P. FLORACEL® is 100% all natural, non-toxic and organic.

A.M.P. FLORACEL® can help your Auto-Immune Disease in many different ways. A.M.P. FLORACEL® helps by increasing your immune function, aids in decreasing inflammation, infections and eliminating ulcerations throughout your digestive tract. By doing this it allows your body to recover from any damage as well as aiding in the relief of any pain you may be experiencing. A.M.P. FLORACEL® will also help to strengthen the good bacteria that flow throughout your digestive tract.  This will greatly increase the opportunity for you to have maximum nutrient absorption as well as aid in proper digestion.  

A.M.P. FLORACEL® absorbs into your intestines and flows through your bloodstream which can help distribute the nutrients throughout your body. (Every bone, muscle, cells, glands, tissue, and organ). The healthy flora needs to thrive throughout your body and help to coat areas of the digestive tract that are infected, hurt, inflamed and/or bleeding. "The healing process now can begin."

The key to a healthy digestive system and a healthy immune system is the oral ingestion of A.M.P. FLORACEL®.  Speak to a specialist toll free at 1-866-775-33321-866-775-3332 and start your relief today! 

A.M.P. FLORACEL® can greatly reduce the signs and symptoms and even bring about long-term remission. Many people with Auto-Immune Diseases are able to function well and live a normal symptom free life and have been for years. Speak to a specialist toll free at 1-866-775-33321-866-775-3332 and start your relief today!

"Researchers believe 90% of all diseases begin in the digestive tract due to improper digestion, absorption, and assimilation of nutrients." In order for disorders and diseases of the digestive tract to recover, the immune system must be able to properly digest, absorb, and assimilate nutrients. Without proper absorption of essential nutrients, the immune system is unable to ward off potential diseases or battle against existing conditions."

Doctors, Patients, and Researchers worldwide are talking about the healing powers of the Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharide Molecule (AMP). 

Researchers have investigated these molecules for multiple healing properties such as:

  • Anti-Viral Properties
  • Increased Blood Circulation
  • Blood Sugar Balancing
  • Immune System Balancing and Restoration
  • Anti-Inflammation
  • Antioxidant Properties & Cell Regeneration

A.M.P. FLORACEL® is developed with the Richest Aloe Mucilaginous Polysaccharide profile available in the industry today!

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Scientific Information: 

Dr. Danhof is a world expert on the Aloe Vera plant. His scientific research discovered that Aloe Vera contains different health properties based on the length of the molecule.  The size of the molecules corresponds with their weight which is measured in Daltons.  A.M.P. FLORACEL® has over 2,000,000 Daltons. Research has shown chains over 800,000 Daltons possess an Immune modulating action within the body and chains measuring 1,000,000 Daltons have the most significant Immune stimulating effects. Imagine what 2,000,000 Daltons does for your body!

A.M.P. FLORACEL® is an aloe powder which retains the natural molecular structure of the long chain polysaccharide found in the fresh unprocessed leaves.
A.M.P. FLORACEL® has the highest level of polysaccharides and specifically longer molecular chains on the market today.  
' I have Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. This is an auto-ammune disease that causes inflammation of the bile ducts in the liver. Untreated the obstruction will damage the liver and can eventually cause Cirrosis. This will lead to a liver transplant. My main complaints were joint pain and fatigue as well as ongoing infections. I took the AMP for 1 day and my joint pain was 85% better. I kid you not. I have had one day when my joints hurt a little since taking this for about 25 days. Now my joint pain is about 90- 95% better. I'm amazed. I have not seen any change in my fatigue yet, but I went off of my antibiotics 2 days ago. We'll see if the infection comes back or not. Thanks for the results so far. I hope to continue to improve. '


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